15 April 2011

for the philosohomies

SPEL GSO events:

infamous(ly awesome) end-of-the-year party

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY, May 7th! Save the date!

You deserve a break. Treat yourself right.
Keg beer and merriment will be provided.

Also this year is a THEME PARTY! (woohoooooo) Specifically, it is a CONCEPT PARTY! 

Come dressed up as your favorite concept, and please don't everyone go for Hedonism. ;)

Family, friends, significant others welcome!

Location: Regan (& Aaron) White House. 
It'll be a blasty blast.

End-of-the-year dinner at Moghul! Friday, May 13th, 7pm.

Please RSVP to (rrule1@binghamton.edu) by May 1st, and include the number of non-university affiliated guests who will be in attendance.

We hope to be able to cover all parties (students and significant others), but our ability to do so will be determined by the number of attendees. So it is very important that you RSVP!

Food will be covered, but please bring money for tips and drinks.

Looking forward to seeing all of your lovely faces together in a non-colloquium environment!

[what's wrong with the colloquium environment?]

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