14 February 2011

engaging africa

Study Abroad Information Meetings: "Engaging Africa" There will be an information meeting this Weds, February 16, at noon in Fine Arts Room 166 (FA 166), and on Thursday, February 17 at 7 p.m. in FA 170 for the 2011 Study Tour "Engaging Africa: Ethnographic Study In Ghana".  The Faculty Director, Professor James Burns, will discuss the program for summer 2011 and show slides from previous trips.  This program is suitable for any major, and for both undergraduates and graduates.  The 2 ½-week trip portion of the program will take place from July 27 to August 15.  Come learn how you can:

·        Spend three weeks immersed in the history and culture of Ghana

·        Experience the music, dance, arts, language, religion and cuisine of this beautiful West African nation while exploring the capitol city of Accra and surrounding areas

·        Study the history of the slave trade and take field trips to coastal slave castles and palaces, nearby cities, villages and nature preserves

·        Attend dance and drumming performances and other cultural programs and ceremonies

·        Participate in research project on one aspect of Ghanaian society or culture

·        Program will be housed at the University of Ghana.  Credit will be cross-listed in several academic departments in the humanities and social sciences at Binghamton

·        Some scholarship money available.

For more information contact The Office of International Programs, ext. 7-2336
Or Professor James Burns, Department of Music
Email: jburns@binghamton.edu; ext. 7-2595

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