13 November 2023

SPEL Colloquium this Friday!

note the location! 

Daniel Burkett

Lecturer in Philosophy

Binghamton University

"How Many is Too Many? -- A Rational Approach to Procreation in a Time of Climate Crisis"

Friday, November 17th, 2023

2:30p - 5:00p

IASH Conference Room (LN-1106)

Fall 2023 Degree Completion deadlines


FALL 2023: Degree Completion Deadlines

1) Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD) submission: December 8th
2) Recommended deadline for electronic thesis/dissertation submissionDecember 8th
3) Final deadline for electronic thesis/dissertation submissionDecember 15th
4) Recommendation for Award form workflow submission: January 5th
5) Payment of dissertation/thesis processing fee and SED Survey (for doctoral students only): January 5th

  • All doctoral students must have an Outside Examiner approved by the Graduate School at least one month prior to the student's defense. Instructions, as well as the list of pre-approved Outside Examiners, can be found online here
  • The Registrar's Office handles the GAFD, Recommendation for Award form workflow, and the conferral of all graduate degrees. Please direct all questions/issues to their office via degree@binghamton.edu

05 November 2023

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-- former SPEL guest Claire Katz is giving an online talk on Monday.

27 October 2023

Dissertation defense on Monday!


Courtney Miller

"Structuring Epistemic Injustic"

Monday, October 30, 2023


LT 1210

23 October 2023

SPEL Colloquium on October 27th!

Rahul Kumar

Professor of Philosophy, Queen's University Canada

"Contractualism and Mutual Recognition"

Friday, October 27th

2:30pm to 5:00pm

UUW 324

18 September 2023

SPEL Colloquium on Sept. 29th!

John Lawless

Professor of Philosophy, Illinois State University

"Social Norms and Representational Practices"

Friday, Sept. 29th

2:30 - 5:30p

UUW 324


29 August 2023

SPEL Colloquium on September 8th!


Department of Philosophy

College of William and Mary

"Being Really Conventionally Real and Why it Might Matter"

Friday, September 8th  (return of the Friday colloquium!)

2:30-5:30 pm  (NEW TIME SLOT!)

UUW 324